Just hangin' around

life on
the wall

Now that I'm "in a different place" in my life, I have to modify my new year's resolutions a bit.
Normally, around summertime, I like to frolick about. I can see it's going to be a tad divergent moving forward.
I was fortunate to be hung on the wall opposite the television. That gives me the opportunity to discover new things - that just happen to be on...
So it turns out that I'm not the only creature in this house.
Since Randy is not a ball of laughs, I was looking forward to some new meat on the wall. Boy, was that a disappointment!
This website is not my first foray into online activity. I thought another website was made just for me in mind.
Sure, just hanging on the wall all the time can get you down, but it's all how you look at things.
Speaking of TV - it's just doesn't get any better than local commercials. Who's with me on this one?
I think we're all pretty much in agreement on this whole pumpkin spice thing...

Hey, I never claimed to be the bravest on the wall.

I think I might have wet myself a little...

I am actually a pretty romantic deer, it's just that I have my limitations...

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