Buck on Sports

What's so hard about sports?

I don’t get out much these days. But even when I had all my limbs, I didn’t play sports - I’m a deer in case you haven’t noticed. But I’ve grown to taking a liking to several sports thanks to the magic of television.

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You really gotta hand it to the guys that can go out for three hours and hit a little white ball around. I can think of better things to do with my time. No I can't.
As an outsider looking in, I'm left to figure things out for myself. So it's no wonder I don't know what some things are.
Sometimes it's just fun to pretend you're a golf announcer.


Basketball is a funny sport. Just from outside observation it seems incredibly hard to get that ball through a hoop that is only slightly larger than the ball itself. But when you watch them play, some of them make it seem incredibly easy.
Before I knew anything about mascots. I was astonished to learn of a basketball team called the "Bucks". And quite honored that they would name a team after me.
March has to be the best time for basketball. Filling out those brackets is a serious thing and not to be taken lightly.
Okay, it’s true. I can get a little bored sometimes. So I need ways to fill my time. Online reffing seemed like a good idea at the time - even though I didn’t have a clue what it’s all about. Hey, it’s got to be a thing, I saw it online.
Another brilliant idea I had in an attempt to get out of the house was to actually be a basketball mascot. The plan was perfect, but who’d take me up on it?
The NCAA tournament brackets can be so frustrating. I thought of a solution to stop the madness.


You sure can't argue the fact that football is the greatest sport on the planet, despite that fact that there are no mascots remotely close to a deer. Unless you count antelopes - which I do not.
Yep. Given the opportunity, I think I could have done pretty well in the sport. But unfortunately I can only dream about what could have been.
The salaries of the pro players these days has just gotten way out of hand. Who do they think they are?
The whole stand or kneel debate brought up a lot of controversy. I, of course, had to put in my two cents on the subject.
We just can't get enough football these days. Monday Night Football is a great way to start the week for me.

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